New Ireland

New Ireland is the 51st state of the United States of America. It is exactly half the land mass of the entire country, and one third of the entire continent.

The state was ripped off the map by a Dimensional Fissure that opened up after the Declaration of Independence was signed. The methods of accessing the state are esoteric, with many accidentally stumbling into it. Once inside, it is difficult to leave. The state is a dumping ground for US Government experiments that are considered Black Knowledge, and many other groups that deal in Black Knowledge flock there to live peacefully.

There are hundreds of human settlements around the state, with massive streches of rural land between them. Roads have been set up passing through smaller rural settlements that act as highways between larger, more urban settlements. Trade posts have been set up around the entire state by the Merchant's Guild to allow for a more well established supply chain for smaller communities.

Here is a short list of species that live within the state, monster races have been excluded;