Wizards are a common form of metahuman, the traits that elevate them to metahuman are seven specially mutated organs which allow for the manipulation of various environmental factors to create what is commonly known as "Magic".

Wizard culture places a massive emphasis on genetics, with the purity of a family's gene seed being as important as the ability to pass this gene seed on. This leads to a rather culturally backwards belief that transgender people are less capable wizards despite the fact that, in reality, they're just as capable at the end of their transition as they are at the beginning. To be officially recognized as a wizard and partake in the enriching activities their culture may provide, you must submit a sample of your family's purest gene seed alongside the appropriate paperwork. From here, you will be allowed to enter any Mage's Association branch and gain access to wizard supplies to ease the discomfort some of the organs may cause when afflicted by an illness or to perform wizardly activities. Furthermore, by working for the Association, one can gain access to more potent resources by working their way up the ranks, these include more advanced spells, artifacts produced by the United Union of Alchemist Houses, and even some mundane items given magical properties by House Mechanicus.

More casual practices in wizard culture include going to festivals hosted in pocket realities, enjoying the simple joy of travelling at high speeds across the planet without the need to pay for plane or boat tickets because they can simply manipulate their genetics to allow for their bodies to naturally act as speedboats, and creating familiars to have as pets. It is difficult to tell at first glance when a wizard is casually dressed that they are, in fact, a wizard.

One of the prime directives of the Mage's Association is to maintain the happy coexistence of wizards and those they consider to be inferior beings, this means controlling the flow of information to a degree where only the highest of human government officials know of wizards while the general public knows of metahumans as simply "monsters". In the event of a Kaiser-level data leak, the first protocol is to enact the subjugation of the human race so as to prevent an uprising, if that fails, the second protocol is to eradicate the human race and replace them entirely. It is unquestionable that the Mage's Association considers humans as vermin rather than equals, especially since wizards are genuinely more powerful than humans.

Undocumented wizards who refuse to become documented by signing on with the association are rounded up and sold into slavery, and stripped of the rights a documented wizard has. They are often sold to alchemists or high-ranking wizard families, and while some are elevated to have the same rights as their owners by their owners, many are treated as poorly as you'd expect. It is illegal to preserve the gene seed of an undocumented wizard, and they are often first chosen as organ donors when the Mage's Association needs organs for sale. To preserve the secrecy of the wizarding world, there are billions of low-ranking wizard planted in human settlements across the earth. Once a breach occurs, a mars-class amnesia spell is cast upon the entire population of the human settlement and the offending wizards are captured and relocated, those who are undocumented are forced to choose between entering the asociation and getting sold off to the highest bidder. If the settlement has known since before the plants arrive, they are often wiped from the earth and stricken from the history books so as to prevent the leakage of information, and the wizards there are relocated.

It is common for wizards to act frugally by developing their own substitutes to mass-produced spells, since it's somewhat expensive to pay an annual license fee to reprint instructions and produce according to industry standard recipes. This leads to an underground market of bootleg spells that may have very negative side-effects if your organs are too different from those of the one who formulated the spell's drug and instructions, fortunately, many dealers of these bootleg spells will disclose their stats so that a buyer can rest assured that they'll be getting something compatible with their own bodies.

Throughout this article, drugs and instructions, as well as organs, have been mentioned, I'll explain those now. "Spells" are simply the exploitation of a wizard's mutations, so they need a cocktail of drugs to stimulate specific organs and a printout of the instructions to allow their brain to parse the instructions for those organs to perform the spell correctly. For example; if one were to want to throw a fireball, they'd need to ingest a drug formulated to stimulate the mage's organs, then they'd have to recite the instructions so as to allow for their organs to know what to do and when. With the instructions, this allows for a fireball to, in fact, be thrown. Without the instructions, this can cause someone's body to be reduced to a smouldering corpse.

Refer to the following table for the effects, names, and functions of the mage's organs.

Mage's Organs
Name Function Location
LaPlace Organ. Regulates the regenerative process. In the calf, usually the right one.
Ghatanathoa Sphere. Allows one to manipulate density. In the left bicep.
Moloch Chamber. Allows one to control heat. In the pit of the stomach.
Chemosh's Bone. Allows for one to manipulate spacetime. The third rib on the left.
Solomon's Vertebra. Allows for neccessary genetic alterations. The first cervical vertebra.
Whateley Gland. Converts food into matter for spells. Replaces the gallbladder, performs a similar function.
Mind Slug. Parses verbal instructions to biological instructions. Symbiotic creature, wraps around the brain, grows alongside its host.