Inverted-Reverse refers to an extremely specific, dangerous state someone can enter under immense stress. The genetic marker for the potential exists in 66% of the human/metahuman population. Those effected must be capable of speech, must be able to understand the concept of religion, and must have some form of repressed trauma. Once all of these factors have been applied to someone, there's a chance that they will be able to fully nullify the next attack on their life that would kill them instantly, entering a fugue state before physically mutating into a form they associate with their trauma. This form always takes on demonic traits pulled from their religion or home culture, and it is fuelled by a primal urge to kill for the sake of survival. Previously, it was believed that the state of Inverted-Reverse was simply an anomalous form of Dissociative Identity Disorder, though this has proven false. It has characteristics of a personality disorder tentatively named Primal Reversion Disease, wherein the sufferer will revert to a primal survival state and lose the ability to limit their own strength due to perceived threats to their life. The link was disproven by triggering an incident, then interrogating the subject afterwards for their memory of the event. Out of the 100 subjects, 95 reported remembering, with the 5 who could not being notable for memory issues.

Interviews with those who suffer from the ability to enter this state have revealed that it is an extremely taxing ordeal, often worsening the mental health of those who are afflicted. Many have stated that after even only five transformation events they just want to die, however, they are kept alive against their will by the ability, citing that any time they try it simply triggers another event. To prevent this from becoming an epidemic, those who are effected are forced into containment, with an especially powerful sterilization performed to ensure the genetic marker does not spread. Due to the fact that those who have the marker do not all qualify, it is considered a non-issue until someone undergoes their first event.

Currently, there are [REDACTED FOR PUBLIC SAFETY] subjects in containment, with [REDACTED FOR PUBLIC SAFETY] tests performed weekly as of [YEAR]/12/02. It has been recorded that the optimal minimum number of events to break a subject enough for military use is 50 in the span of 20 days. Currently, 30 are in active service on both sides of the war for the Russian Exclusion Zone, 50 are in service in the War Over Heaven, and 100 are in stasis.

The only methods of peacefully decommissioning someone who can become an Inverted-Reverse is to provide extensive psychiatric care, disassembling their trauma and thus removing one of the required qualities. Another, more dubious method is to render a subject either mute or mentally disabled. If someone cannot speak, don't understand the concept of god, or if they lack any form of repressed trauma, they are incapable of transforming.